ARCHIVES January 2015

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Awesome Features

  We specialize in Washable Coloring products for many years and own the patent of Washable Coloring as below: Books, Pad, TableCloth, 2D/3D characters, Activity Play Set, OEM/ODM. All items, “Instant Rinse”, “Detergent Free”, paint, wash, and paint again! We own the Washable Coloring Patents: Taiwan, China, Germany, France, Japan. Always keep to develop new…


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Catalogue 2016

    New Items   Washable Coloring Pencil Case AVI-951b     Washable Coloring Key Case AVI-951c     Washable Animal shoulder bag AVI-952 series   Washable Coloring Photoframe AVI-953a   Washable Coloring Pad AVI-848b   AVI-846       New Accessory     catalogue 2016 download